How it works

How it works

Lenders want to easily syndicate, buy, and sell real estate loans in order to generate yield, reduce expenses, and manage portfolio risk. There’s a problem – Finding the right lender at the right time with which to do business. It’s frustrating to lose lending opportunities – or worse, money – because you couldn’t find the right lending partner in time. With thousands of lenders originating real estate loans, you should quickly and easily find like-minded lenders.

Banxel is not a broker that gets in the middle of your trade. Banxel is the first marketplace solution that helps you build a robust lender network and make deals happen directly. As a Banxel member, you will be able to:

Create and post offers to sell loans and loan participations

Are you looking to divest of a loan position? Perhaps you’re overweight a certain asset class and need to rebalance your portfolio. Maybe you need to find a partner to participate in a new loan origination (beyond the same three lenders you contact for every loan, where the deal dies if they pass or don’t respond). Publish your offer to sell on Banxel and tailored alerts will be sent to members whose lending criteria match your offer terms. Start receiving bids, and connect with them directly to make your deal. Manage your risk and maintain a healthy loan portfolio.

Create and post offers to buy loans and loan participations

If you’re looking to expand into a new market, or a new asset class, post your offer to buy on Banxel. Start receiving bids, and directly connect with those members to make a deal. You will quickly add new loans and loan participations to your portfolio, while significantly cutting down on all the labor hour costs typically involved in a new origination. Generate higher yield and reduce your overhead costs to make your loan portfolio a lot more profitable.

Register for published offers and submit your own bids 

Get tailored alerts and review your dashboard for published offers to sell and buy. Register and bid on those that interest you. Directly negotiate and close the deal with those members. Simple.

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Some Banxel Use Cases

You need to secure a lending partner to reduce or create leverage on a loan

 You need to secure a lending partner to originate a loan beyond your lending limits

You need to quickly add certain allocations to your loan portfolio

► You need to exit a market, loan type or asset class

You need to divest of distressed assets by quarter or year-end

Stop settling for lower profits, higher costs and loan losses. Take control, expand your network on Banxel and have a profitable, risk adjusted loan portfolio. Become a Banxel member and be the real estate lender known for getting deals done.